South Pend Oreille Fire and Rescue continues the volunteer appreciation program called SPOFR Volunteer Spotlight. This is a way to recognize the volunteers when you see them in the community grocery store or at any local activities.


Brad Hanson

Brad Hanson
Firefighter, EMT & Engineer

This month’s recipient is Brad Hanson, as announced by Chief Brad Martin. Brad has been with SPOFR since 2014 and is also in the host of the Veterans Stand Down for the past five years in Newport. He started this in memory of Brian Pinkney, his friend with three Purple Hearts. Brad graduated from SPOFR’s EMT and IV EMT classes. He is a Fire Fighter and Engineer. Brad started the Veterans Outreach Program at the Hospitality House and sets up the Veterans bus on the last Thursday of the month. “This bus can do any paperwork or counseling issues the same as going to the VA because they have a satellite link,” Brad said. He has been married to Josette and has six children. He has lived here for thirty years. Chief Martin said, “It’s an honor having Brad as one of our volunteers, knowing his time involved with his other commitments to our community.” Congratulations, Brad, on being our May Spotlight recipient.

Rick O'Brien
Public Information Officer, SPOFR


Tasha Dean EMT

Tasha Dean
November 2022

Corey Toombs Firefither

Corey Toombs
December 2022

John Dugger EMT

John Dugger
January 2023

Larry Hiebert Battalion 8 Captain

Larry Hiebert
Battalion 8 Captain
February 2023

Butch Lee, Firefighter

Butch Lee
March 2023

Paul Haa - Firefighter

Paul Haa
April 2023