March 2, 2023:

Subject: Ice Rescue Training

Ice Rescue Training February 2023Lt. Jacob Hogue of South Pend Oreille Fire and Rescue led an Ice Rescue training session at the privately owned Wilderness Lake recently. The 5-hour training session was attended by SPOFR, Fire Districts 2 and 4, Kalispell Fire, and Pend Oreille Paramedics.

As shown in the pictures, Lt Hogue demonstrated safe self-rescue using an ice rescue suit with all the proper PPE and Safety Officer in attendance.

The trainers set up a hot zone of more than 10 feet from the water's edge and marked it with cones and demonstrated self and multiple rescues and also a sled rescue technique. In addition, a cold zone and command center were supervised by Batallion Chief Scott Doughty.

South Pend Oreille Fire Rescue wishes to thank all the volunteers who participated in the Ice Rescue training.

Rick O'Brien
Public Information Officer