By Lt John C. Nicholas, SPOFR PIO

Emergency Call ResponseThis past year was incredibly busy for us in the South Pend Oreille Fire and Rescue (SPOFR). We responded to 946 calls in 2021 which averaged out to 2.6 calls per day. This was our busiest year on record with an increase of 46% over 2020 which up to now had been our most active year with 647 responses. Our first responders were dealing with more than one call at a time for 22% of the time during 2021. As with most other fire districts, medical calls comprised the highest percentage (66%) of our responses, for which we transported 82 patients via ambulance to various hospitals in the region. Structure and wildland fires comprised 14% of our total number of responses. Approximately the same percentage of calls were for general citizen assistance (e.g., lift-assist or good-intention) calls for help. Our most profound appreciation goes out to the men and women of SPOFR who give so much of their time and take such pride in their outstanding service to the community. We project that the numbers of calls for 2022 will most likely increase over what we experienced last year. This makes it much more critical that we add a few new recruits to our roster of first responders. If interested, please call us at (509) 447-5305, stop by our Diamond Lake Station, or visit our website Firefighter Application page for more information.

Firefighter Training OnlineFIREFIGHTER ONLINE TRAINING: Welcome firefighters to the new South Pend Oreille Fire and Rescue Interactive Academy. This site is used to deliver monthly training and any other specialty classes. Click on the computer icon at the right to login to the training site or contact SPOFR Training Officer Lieutenant Jake Hogue for more information.


South Pend Oreille Fire and Rescue stations are once again open to public gatherings. If you feel ill, it is still important to stay home isolated. If you are concerned you have symptoms of the virus, call your primary care physician to find out if they want to see you. Do not just show up at their office. If you feel it is a life-threating emergency call 911. There is no shortage of information. When gathering information, it is important to remember to utilize trusted and vetted sites. Click on the title above for links to these sites.