Prepare for Biological Attack

Prepare for Biological Attack Unlike an explosion, a biological attack may or may not be immediately obvious. Most likely local health care workers will report a pattern of unusual illness or a wave of sick people seeking medical attention. The best source of information will be radio or television reports. Understand that some biological agents, such as anthrax, do not cause contagious diseases. Others, like the smallpox virus, can result in diseases you can catch from other people.

In the event of a biological attack, public health officials may not immediately be able to provide information on what you should do. It will take time to determine exactly what the illness is, how it should be treated, and who may have been exposed. You should watch TV, listen to the radio, or check the Internet for official news including the following:

During a declared biological emergency:

If you are potentially exposed:

If you become aware of an unusual and suspicious substance nearby:

From "FEMA Emergency Preparedness Tips"

Washington State Department of HealthIMPORTANT COVID-19 INFORMATION: South Pend Oreille Fire and Rescue stations are once again open to public gatherings. If you feel ill, it is still important to stay home isolated. If you are concerned you have symptoms of the virus, call your primary care physician to find out if they want to see you. Do not just show up at their office. If you feel it is a life-threating emergency call 911. There is no shortage of information. When gathering information, it is important to remember to utilize trusted and vetted sites. Click on the title above for links to these sites.

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